Circuit Assen

TT circuit Assen

Set up event
We have free riding groups and groups with instruction/instructor. 
You can see your laptimes at

The evening before you can pick up your driving number from 19.30 - 20.30 and the day before from 7:30 and 8:00. The last session (level 4) ends at 17:30. Level 1 is 1st ready at about 4:30pm.


Rent a pit box for the track day
Pit boxes can be rented for your circuit event at Assen.
You can reserve a pit box or pit box spot at the same time as your registration or send an email to Racecracks.
Boxes are available the day before the event from 19:00. When you pick up the key, you pay a 100.00 deposit, which you get back the next day via Rijders Info when you return the key and a clean pit box.
The pit box must be empty again by 6:00 PM so that the next organization can build up.
Paddock facilities
You can spend the night on the paddock by creating a place to sleep yourself. Toilets, showers and electricity available. Tire and parts service V-racing and the photographer are always present. There is a catering point on the paddock where you can go for hot and cold drinks and snacks + sandwiches.


To fuel
There is a petrol pump on the paddock that will be open all day from around 9:00 am. Payment in cash or by card is possible.
There is also an ATM next to the petrol pump.
Dynamic noise limit is 101 dBa at a Tracksday on the TT Assen circuit.
The total noise produced per engine is measured dynamically every lap and the maximum allowed dynamic noise limit is 101 dBa during circuit training. Motors that produce between 101 and 103 dBa will receive a warning at the first exceedance of noise, the second exceedance will result in definitive exclusion from participation in the circuit training without refund of the registration fee.
Provide a DB killer or even better a standard muffler. A sound source that produces more than 101dBa will be flagged out and given a second chance; a noise source that produces more than 104 dBa will be flagged out and immediately excluded from further participation and will not be given a second chance; exclusion from participation is without refund of the registration fee. In short, provide a DB killer or standard exhaust.

Address TT Assen circuit: De Haar 9. 9405 TE Assen.