Frequently asked Questions

The use of the following protective equipment while riding on the circuit and the riders' quarters is mandatory:
an undamaged leather race overall or leather pants and jacket where the jacket and pants are properly zipped together;
for level 1, a textile motorcycle suit that is slip-resistant and heat-resistant is also allowed;
undamaged leather long gloves and high motorcycle boots that cover the wrists and ankles;
a back protector;
undamaged full-face helmet (helmet with chin protection only and 1 of the following quality marks: the European ECE.22.05, the Japanese JIS T8133 and the American SNELL M2010.
 motorcycle shoes are excluded during the track days because the ankle is not protected. Motorcycle boots are therefore mandatory. So make sure you wear footwear that protects the ankle while sitting on the motorcycle.
Wearing motorcycle jeans, jet helmets and hoods is NOT allowed.

The use of cameras on the body or on the helmet is NOT allowed. You may attach a camera to the motorcycle, but only if the camera is secured. In this way, the camera does not fall off the motorcycle because the camera remains attached to its lock.

Motorcycles can be subjected to a technical inspection by Racecracks prior to the event on the following parts: Exhaust, brake and brake pads, throttle, fluid tightness, chain, tires and general technical condition. Mirrors should be properly covered with suitable tape or folded.

You can participate with a standard exhaust or a replacement exhaust WITH DB killer. Modern engines WITH a catalytic converter are usually quiet enough to run without a db killer.

As mentioned, the motorcycles of all participants must be in perfect technical condition and must certainly not produce more noise than is permitted on public roads.
The total noise produced per engine is dynamically measured every lap. Motors that produce too much dBa will receive a warning at the first exceedance of noise, the second exceedance will result in definitive exclusion from participation without refund of the entry fee.
Engines that are really extremely loud are immediately excluded from further participation. Engines that exceed the applicable noise standard by more than 2 dBa have such a negative influence on the daily average that there is a real chance that driving times of practical sessions will have to be shortened in order not to exceed the daily average.

At the latest 7 days before the event, Racecracks will put the latest information on your personal Racecracks portal for which you have registered and paid. You can download the timetable and download your invoice.

You can view and manage your portal by first registering and then logging in.

We will send each an e-mail in which we only ask you to log in to your Racecracks portal and see the latest information. We therefore no longer e-mail links and attachments because this means that the e-mail ends up in your spam filter more quickly.

You can also view and update your specified lap times per circuit via your Racecracks portal. Keep your lap times up-to-date so that we can start the 1st session with the best possible group division.

Yes, of course. Parts can be purchased from the organization and the tire and parts service and information can be obtained about the technical defect.

Dennis Horvers of FuelCrew manages technical support from Racecracks.

Always have spare brake pads with you. You have to replace brake pads anyway, so make sure you have them in stock. Same story for the tires. Order on time given the delivery times of these products.

The day before the event you can usually visit the paddock from 19.00. This will be equipped with plumbing and electricity. We must absolutely leave the paddock at the end of the track day at 6.00 pm at the latest

There are plenty of affordable hotels in the vicinity of the circuits. See

Is there a photographer present? Yes, the photographer will take beautiful action and atmosphere photos of all participants, which can then be viewed and ordered on the photographer's site within 2-3 days after the event.

Instruction or free driving is fully booked. How does the waiting list work? If there is a waiting list for an event and a certain level, it is best to register for the waiting list without obligation. If a spot becomes available, you will receive a notification that space is available again. You must re-register for the event as soon as possible, so no place will be reserved for you.

Is my motorcycle insured on the track during the event? The motorcycle is insured depending on your policy. So consult your insurance policy.

I registered but unfortunately I can't come anymore. What now? Read the terms and conditions for the options you have. You may also provide an equivalent substitute. Send an email to Racecracks for other questions or information about the replacement. Everyone who wants to participate must register via the site. Let the buyer of your ticket do this first if the buyer does not yet have a login.

Will it continue if it rains? The event will continue in the rain. So the whole program remains the same. You will not receive a refund. Driving technique can be better practiced on a wet track because the speed is lower. Usually on a rainy day it is still dry for a few sessions.

Reselling a free driving place to instruction is only possible in consultation with Racecracks. And vice versa, of course. In this way we ensure that the maximum number of participants that are allowed to drive on the circuit at the same time is not exceeded.

Some points to keep in mind when reselling:
· If you have registered for free driving: make sure the buyer has solid track experience and can drive lap times under 2:23 min. at Assen or Zandvoort. Or a similar speed on another track.
· If you have registered for instruction: make sure that the buyer does not drive faster than 2:10 on Assen.
· We optimize levels throughout the day at Racecracks but within instruction and the free riding group. If you are the fastest in instruction, we cannot transfer you to the free riding group because we then get too many riders there.
· You arrange it financially. Then report the change to Racecracks as soon as possible. By preference by e-mail. See bottom right of the homepage for our email address.

Keep in mind that the organization is very busy in the last week before the event. Try to ask your questions at least 1 week in advance by e-mail or telephone so that we can process this on time.