Racecracks will reward customers who book more often with a unique volume discount!

As is generally known, Racecracks is always ready for its customers by giving advice about their engine, driving technique, suspension and tires.
We also try to help customers as best as possible with the administrative part by being easily accessible and responding quickly to e-mails.

We are now taking that one step further by showing our best side financially as well.

1st event you book you pay 100% - 2nd event to 5th event you pay 95% per event - 6 to 8th event you pay 90% - 9th and more events you pay 85%.

The following game rules are important

Discount is applied after login;
The system keeps track of everything. It does not matter whether you book all your events in one go or whether you do this in parts;
Every season the discounts are reset and you start saving discounts again;
Next season starts on September 17, 2022 and ends on September 16, 2023, so the next season starts on September 17, 2023 and you can start again   save for an extra discount.
Multi-day event still counts as 1 event.
Discount is only valid for registration of an event, not for options and insurance.