Book several days at Racecracks and receive a discount!

The 2025 events you book count towards next year's graduated discount. So you start again. Your current volume discount accrual of 2023/2024 will continue to work for the 2024 events that you still want to book. The system therefore keeps track of a graduated discount twice for each account.

Racecracks makes it more fun for you by introducing volume discounts. If you book multiple events with us, you will receive a discount on your registration.

1st event you book you pay 100% - 2nd event to 5th event you pay 95% per event - 6 to 8th event you pay 90% - 9th and more events you pay 85%.

The following conditions are important:

Discount is applied after login so a separate account must be created for each driver;
The system keeps track of everything. It does not matter whether you book all your events in one go or whether you do this in parts;
After each season, the discounts are reset and you start saving up the discount again;
The year in which the event takes place is decisive for the structure. A new scale will have to be built up for each year;
Multi-day event still counts as 1 event;
Discount is only valid for registration of an event, not for options and insurance.

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