Circuit day Zandvoort

Do you want to drive yourself on the Zandvoort circuit with instruction or drive completely free on the Zandvoort circuit with a lot of driving time and timekeeping all day? Sign up and you can enjoy 5 sessions of the Dutch rollercoaster.

Zandvoort Racing
Circuit Zandvoort adjustments
The track will be more spectacular to drive from 2020. The banked corners feel very good and skipping the GP chicane is also very nice. The Rob Slotemakerbocht is very cool with the motorcycle. The track has become safer due to the larger run-out at the Gerlach bend and the track has been widened on the inside at the Hugenholtz bend. The third bend, the Hugenholtzbocht, is also equipped with extra height differences. "Yes, it has been made parabolic, so to speak, so that two motors can pass through next to each other and at the same speed. The percentage of increase there will vary between eight and eighteen percent." The Arie Luyendykbocht has a banking angle of 18 degrees, which is unique on a European circuit.


Track day setup

A motorcycle license is not required for circuit riding at Zandvoort, but you must have full control of the motorcycle with the necessary experience. So if you want to race at Zandvoort with your own motorcycle, keep in mind that you have more than mastered the basic skills.
During the Racecracks events we offer an educational and fun instruction so that you will make a lot of progress within 1 day. We also offer free driving. Circuit riding for everyone!
There are instruction groups for all speeds and free riding groups with good group division that we optimize with the timekeeping. Even for the inexperienced riders we have motorcycle courses where we will classify the street riders without track experience for level 1. We have set up level 1 especially for motorcyclists who normally ride on the street. In short, do the motorcycle experience and experience an unforgettable day.
You can collect the row number the night before between 7:30 PM and 8:30 PM and the day itself between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM. The day program ends at 5:00 PM. Level 1 will be finished 1st and this will be approximately at 4:10 PM. Register in advance via this site as soon as possible for a track day to avoid disappointment. In 2020 and 2021 the circuit training was always fully booked.
Timekeeping during the track day
We offer timekeeping all day during the motor training days. Due to the timekeeping, we will actively adjust participants so that nice equal groups are created. You can view your lap times from your motorcycle training sessions live on

Racing Zandvoort

Racecracks hires a night watchman so that you can spend the night on the main paddock for free and prepare all your gear so that you can start the track day relaxed. This is a free extra service from Racecracks for track training at the Zandvoort circuit. In the evening before the event we will start with registration and technical admission. The next morning we continue with this, where there is always delicious coffee or tea ready. You can easily find a hotel near the Zandvoort circuit by doing a quick search on 


Pit boxes
Pit boxes can be rented for an unforgettable training on the Zandvoort circuit. Costs are 160,- per day. If you pick up the key the night before (from 19:00) you pay an extra 80.00 on the spot.
A pit box space for a shared space in the pit box. Size pit box: 5x23 meters!
You can book an arrangement when you register by checking the option of pit box spot or entire pit box when booking so that you do not have to arrange this separately for the motorcycle skills training.
Boxes are available the day of the event from 7:30 am. When you pick up the key, you pay a 100.00 deposit, which you get back the next day when you return the key and a clean pit box. The pit box must be empty again by 5.30 pm at the latest.
Toilets are available at the riders quarters. You can use steam for free. There are various power boxes with normal 230V plugs. The tires and parts service is V-racing where you can buy or change tires. The photographer is of course also present to take cool action photos of you. Bernie's bar will be open from 07:30 to 18:00 for various (hot) drinks or some sandwiches and a lunch. There is a PIN petrol pump on the paddock that will be open all day.

Pit street circuit Zandvoort
Maximum noise during the motorcycle driving skills training or free driving Zandvoort 2022 and 2023
Maximum sound 93 dBa.
While racing on the circuit, the total noise produced per engine of each lap is dynamically measured. Just like on TT circuit Assen and Spa Francorchamps. At Mettet and Lelystad they do not add up the Decibels separately, but measure them indivisual. Participants will receive a warning at the first exceedance of noise, the second exceedance will result in definitive exclusion from participation without refund of the registration fee. So come to circuit park Zandvoort with your standard exhaust or replacement silencer WITH DB killer. Zandvoort is stricter than Assen in terms of noise.
Suppose you are taken off, switch to 5th gear earlier on the approach straight during the next session and do not give full throttle for a while. Also keep all the way to the left because the sound pole is on the right. If you are going to drive freely on the Zandvoort circuit, make sure that your exhaust and engine are quiet enough.
Circuit Zandvoort Address: Mayor of Alphenstraat 108, 2041KP Zandvoort.