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Racecracks is a motorcycle racing school who organises motorcycle track days to live the ultimate track day experience. We are not just an ordinaire motorsport school, we really aim for the highest quality possible for our clients.  Lots of organizations are offering courses to improve your riding skills, like for instance bmw driving experience. Racecracks is offering  this as well, but we als offer traditional trackdays on the finest motorcycle race tracks, suitable for everyone (track experience is not mandatory). We are able to do this because we have very experienced instructors who do not only master the racing or driving skills necessary to do this, but are also very good in explaning the theory behind it, together with a broad experience in providing feedback to the individual driver.

We are constantly evaluating our teaching methods, group composition and training exercises by listening to our customers and having internal evaluations after each event.

Safety is also one of our major concerns and we brought this to a level that you don't need a track day insurance. In every briefing, the safety aspect is emphasized, we perform technical inspections of each bike in which the brakes, tires, chain and possible leakages are being inspected by well trained professionals, before the bike is allowed to enter the track. And last but not least, our instructors keep an eye on everyone, even during the free riding sessions.

Racecracks also offers a unique atmosphere during the trackdays which feels like being amongst friends and we aim to be as approachable as possible for everyone.

All this ensures our customers to have a unique track day or if you like, race day !

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